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Titel: yellow crane tower - Xingbao
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Xingbao xb-01024
yellow crane tower

6794 pcs.
app. 26 x 26 x 50 cm
1 minifig (not in europe)

hi there brick builders,

today we got a big set from 2019 witch shows the quality Xingbao had at this point in time. As far as I know, with the ca. 6800 pcs. it's still the biggest set Xingbao sells/sold.

We also have a custom ligthing solution here, so be prepared for some soldering.


00:00 Hi
01:00 the box
01:25 let there be light
02:10 modular
03:24 enlightened temple
03:40 rewiring a hub
06:25 building fun
10:21 conclusion
14:00 cu

#xingbao #tower #crane

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