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Home > News (Forum) > Entertainment > #shorts de - avengers - fy: Aquaman goes diversify
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News: #shorts de - avengers - fy: Aquaman goes diversify  (Gelesen 5917 mal) Drucken
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#shorts de - avengers - fy: Aquaman goes diversify
« am: 14.12.2021, 12:25:35 »


hi there brix builders,

as it so happens, when you are building a city you need a lot of people in there. And one of the easy ways to get those are the lot of hero books that are out there. Unfortunately they are full of heroes and we can't have that.

So wee need to de - avengers - fy our figs even if that sounds like a sacrilege. In this case it's Aquaman who will become a nice and muscular woman to any diversity delight.

Have fun with her!

No Lego was harmed due to the production of this video.

#avengers #aquaman #sacrilege

Stichworte: sacrilege, avengers, aquaman
Stichworte: sacrilege  avengers  aquaman


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